Roof Specifications

Our team has the ability to review plans and consult, design and write new construction specifications, evaluate code compliance, assess warranty compliance, interpret codes, suggest contractors and provide distributor pricing.  All of our offerings are performed with a client first approach and are comprehensive, down to the smallest of details.


Our team is highly knowledgeable about the products from the manufacturers we represent.  That is why you can depend on RSS to provide assistance in design and specification writing.  We ensure that the output focuses on the features of each product and that every detail is accurate including, but not limited to…

  • Guide specification creation
  • Review project design criteria and scopes of work
  • Advise on warranty coverage options
  • Submittal packages
  • Evaluate systems for code compliance
  • Code Interpretations


The RSS mission is to inform clients on the products and systems available to achieve their warranty goals based upon the manufacturer selected guidelines.

  • Relate what products equal a warranty length: provide owners with products and system options to allow for a good, better, best decisions.
  • RSS can help educate owners on meeting the ratings for testing agencies that may be required by state or local code requirements and insurance providers; i.e. assemblies that meet ratings they want to achieve, ie. FM and UL.


RSS has the ability to research the code compliance needed to meet whatever standards are necessary for a project.

  • Research the integration of the client’s product and code compliance needs, providing suggestions as needed.
  • Since building codes are influenced by state, county and city regulations, RSS can provide insight on meeting those requirements in a project specific format.


Let RSS help in selecting contractors for your project. With over 70 years of combined industry experience, we have established relationships with an extensive network of licensed, reputable & trained contractors to assist you. 

  • We can help you select contractors based on price points, experience, and reputation.  
  • With our input you can ensure that every project is installed or constructed according to specifications, down to the smallest details.


  • RSS is the authorized representative of Babcock Davis, ChemLink, Versico, Derbigum , & Inland Coatings exclusively within our territory.
  • To obtain distributor pricing, simply give us a call.  We look forward to establishing a working relationship with you and providing you the competitive pricing you need to grow your business.

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