Next-Generation Roof Reports and Assessments

“A great way to get a detailed look at your roof from your office.”

RSS offers a no-cost, thorough evaluation of your existing roof. Our reports are built around True Roof Rater, a professional rooftop evaluation software with web-enabled GPS and mapping technology to provide a comprehensive view of your rooftop. We offer these roof reports and assessments in Ohio, Kentucky, and Southern Indiana and they are provided at no charge, no obligation, and can be scheduled at your convenience.

These reports include: 

  • Onsite roof evaluation using advanced GPS mapping
  • Highlights details & deficiencies defining conditions
  • Leak Investigation
  • Recommendations for repairs and/or replacements
  • Capacity to create budgets for improvement plans
  • Provided at No Cost/No Obligation

This report is valuable for Architects, Colleges & Universities, K-12 Schools for building condition surveys, Private Building Owners and Hospitals/Medical Facilities.

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True Roof Rater: The Simple Solution

The rooftop endures more abuse from the elements than any other part of a building’s exterior, so preventative maintenance is critical to prolonging the roof’s service life and saving money for you, the building owner. When a roof system is maintained properly, it performs better, lasts longer, and provides more reliable protection of a building and its contents. That’s why Versico Roofing Systems has developed professional rooftop evaluation software perfect for creating quick and easy rooftop evaluation reports. The True Roof Rater customizable report features a GPS satellite image of your roof and detailed pictures of crucial rooftop components. Also included is a comprehensive description of potential performance issues, the critical nature of those issues, as well as recommendations on how to repair potential problem areas.

True Roof Rater Reports include:
  • Web-enabled GPS and mapping technology that provides a comprehensive view of the roof.
  • Pictures of critical details.
  • Recommendations for repair solutions.
Identify small problems before they become big concerns.
  • Extend the performance and lifespan of the existing roof system.
  • Ensure critical details are performing properly.
  • Maintain a database of pertinent project information.

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